This website provides a platform for networking, research, and engagement related to agroecology in the UK. The platform hosts the outputs of a scoping study into agroecological business models in the UK which was funded by the Nexus Network in 2015 under their Research Networking Grants scheme.

A central output of the study is a database of agroecological businesses, projects, and initiatives in the UK. All of the information contained in the database is publicly available online and was not provided by the individual initiatives. Some of the entries in the database do not have full addresses associated with them and, as such, they do not appear on the map. However, all entries within your search criteria will appear in the list of initiatives below the map.

The researchers recognise that the current database is not an exhaustive list of agroecological initiatives in the UK and encourage users to add any initiaitives not already on the database. The database available here is intended to be an interactive and growing resource.

If you are part of, represent, or know about an agroecological initiative, project, or business in the UK which isn’t currently listed on the database, please add it by filling out the details in the form below. The database is desinged to be interactive and grow so that it gives a full representation of agroecology in the UK. Your input is essential to achieving this.

This site also provides a history of agroecology, extensive related literature and external resources, and a forum for those interested in agroecology to interact.

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